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From big projects to small jobs, we do it all at competitive rates in the local area. No matter what you need, we make sure it is done right - the first time. Call me today for a free consultation.



Tree felling is an art and in some cases can be very complicated.  In order to fell a tree safely it requires an understanding of natural forces already applied to the tree, unnatural or mechanical forces being applied now, which cut would be most appropriate and how all those factors will interact with each other.  Hiring a professional is not only safer but it also takes the liability off of you.  Call us today and let us take care of your tree for you!

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Here at Timber Tippin Tree Services we only perform spikless trimming.  Using spikes opens the tree to insects and disease which is why we never spike a tree that we leave standing.  We are also familiar and skilled in the different rigging techniques to help protect your property.  

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Even some of the best arborist aren't able to predict when some trees are going to fall in a storm.  That's why storm damage clean-up is almost always a suprise expense.  Fortunately, homeowner insurance will usually cover this cost for you.  We at Timber Tippin Tree Services are familiar and prepared to work with your insurance company to help get you back on the road to getting you property back to normal.  Call us today!

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Here at Timber Tippin Tree Services we want to be your all-in-one Tree company.  We understand that dealing with just one company helps to take stress off your shoulders and frees up time for you.  This is why we offer stump grinding for those who have plans for the space where the tree once was.  Call us today!

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Tree removals are not only complicated but are also very labor intensive.  They require special knowledge, skills, and equipment in order to complete the job safely and efficiently.  Call us at Timber Tippin Tree Services and let a professional take care of your tree removal for you.

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After a few years of experience owning a tree service I understand the need for experienced climbers.  For this reason I'm proud to offer our services to other professionals.  For a look into how we operate I encourage you to check out our YouTube channel

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